Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, should be on your BUCKET LIST! Beale is Tennessee’s most-visited attraction, and, in the words of USA TODAY, one of the 10 Best most iconic streets in America. With music streaming from every open door, memorials to music legends, and history everywhere you look, the street packs a lot to see and do.Half the allure is the street itself, so before committing to any Beale Street bars and clubs, just walk. Start around 7 p.m. on a weekend evening outside near the west end of Beale. Continue east and order a go-cup at any walk-up bar. Watch the Beale Street Flippers turn the cobblestone street into a runway for aerial somersaults. Stop and see the brass music notes memorializing Memphis music legends on the sidewalks. Listen for accents indicating travelers from Louisiana, California,Australia, and everywhere in between – the ultimate reminder that you’re walking the street that revolutionized the world’s soundtrack. Use the walk to chat with promoters outside each club to determine where you’ll return for live music and/or food. Beale Street has some of the best places so make your visit rock.